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Subject: UML Class diagrams for CPP/CPA?

Does anyone know where I might find UML Class diagrams for CPP and CPA

I thought the examples provided in the BPSS spec where exceptionally
helpful for understanding the Process Specifications, and would welcome
something as useful for these other specs.  I'd prefer not having to create
my own if they are already done, but if I need to knock them up myself then
I'd feel better if others would benefit from them as well.


James Wowchuk             james.wowchuk@marketboomer.com
Chief Technology Officer  marketboomer Pty Ltd
 _--_|\                   Post:  Level 11, 121 Walker Street
/      \                         North Sydney, NSW 2060
\_.--._/ <---Sydney NSW   Phone: +61 (2) 8907 9333
       v      Australia   Fax:   +61 (2) 9854 1942

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