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[ebxml-dev] CCBP and TMG ???


Can anyone advise what is happening with the Catalog of Common Business
Process (CCBP) specification?  There is a v0.9 document on:


But no reference to it on the more "official" TMG group site at:


If the CCPB is not being developed then can anyone advise what is the
recommended classification scheme for business process / business area?
The CCTS refers to the CCBP classification as the recommended "business
process" context driver.  Not much use refering to it if the document is
not available from any official site....

Also I have been advised over a month ago by the Australian section of
the UN/CEFACT working group that CCTS v2.0 is now officially released.
However the "official" TMG site still carries the 1.9 version?


Steve Capell
Sydney, Australia
Tel : +61 410 437854

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