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[ebxml-dev] Timeout exceptions and retry count in BPSS

Title: Timeout exceptions and retry count in BPSS

Hi forks

According to BPSS 1.05 line 1726 (Section 7.6.1 Timeouts)

A responding partner simply terminates if a timeout is thrown.  This prevents responding business transactions from hanging

indefinitely. However the timeouts section does not explicitly specify the action of requesting partner (whether to terminate or retry) and theres no mention of retryCount. (Implementers need clear explanations!!!!!!!!!) Later in the spec(UML model of BPSS 1.05) retryCount is explained as follow

(line 2072)
Retrycount xsd:int - Business Level Retries ( NOT MSH level retries), Aligns with UMM. The message id be diferent when a retried from bp level and receiving application will be responsible for detecting for business level duplicates....

and the UMM says

Both partners agree to the number of times to retry a transaction when a time-out-exception condition is signaled. This parameter only applies to time-out signals and not business process controls or document content exceptions.

Based on that, I guess the retryCount is used for timeout exceptions and it decides whether transaction roll back is needed. So when timeouts occur (timeToPerform, timeToAckReceipt, timeToAckAcceptance) trading partners can take 2 diferent actions depeding on roles.

1. Simply termniate (if retry count is 0)
both partner simply terminates, no need to send business process controls (exception signals), the transaction is null

2. Retry the whole transaction ( retry count > 0 )
- both partner terminates
- there are no need for business process controls
- requesting partner retry the whole transaction by sending a new ebMS message (different msg ID) with business document

- responding partner eliminates duplicates (if needed)

My question is,

Am I on the right track?  please feel free to correct me, i need help!!

David Choi
Member of Engineering Staff
e-Logistics Research Team, Postal Technology Research Center
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Direct : +82(42)860-6773
Fax : +82(42)860-6508
E-mail : conch@etri.re.kr
Web : http://www.etri.re.kr
Address : 161 Gajeong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, KOREA 305-350

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