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[ebxml-dev] ebXML Asia Committee Completes Interop Tests

The ebXML Asia Committee (eAC) Interoperability Task Group (ITG)
successfully completed its second round of ebXML Interoperability Tests.
eAC is starting an ebXML interoperability certification program with
following 12 organizations:

 - CECID, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR, China)
 - CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd (Singapore)
 - Fujitsu Limited (Japan)
 - GCOM Information Service Co., Ltd (Chinese Taipei)
 - Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan)
 - Institute for Innovative IT, Kasetsart University (Thailand)
 - Innodigital Co., Ltd. (Korea)
 - KTNET (Korea)
 - NEC Corporation (Japan)
 - POSDATA (Korea)
 - Samsung SDS (Korea)
 - SKLSE (State Key Laboratory of Software Engineering),
   Wuhan University (China)

For details, see http://www.ebxmlasia.org/.

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