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[OASIS members] OASIS TC Call For Participation: ebXML Business Process

A new OASIS technical committee is being formed. The OASIS ebXML Business 
Process Technical Committee (ebXML BP TC) has been proposed by the 
following members of OASIS: Jacques Durand, Fujitsu; Jean-Jacques Dubray, 
attachmate; Neelekantan Kartha, Sterling Commerce; Dale Moberg, Cyclone 
Commerce; Himagiri Mukkamala, Sybase; Monica J. Martin, Sun Microsystems; 
and Martin Roberts and John Yunker, both individual members.

The proposal for a new TC meets the requirements of the OASIS TC Process 
(see http://oasis-open.org/committees/process.shtml), and is appended to 
this message. The proposal, which includes a statement of purpose, list of

deliverables, and proposed schedule, will constitute the TC's charter. The

TC Process allows these items to be clarified (revised) by the TC members;

such clarifications (revisions), as well as submissions of technology for 
consideration by the TC and the beginning of technical discussions, may 
occur no sooner than the TC's first meeting.

As specified by the OASIS TC Process, the requirements for becoming a 
member of the TC are that you must 1) be an employee of an OASIS member 
organization or an Individual member of OASIS; 2) notify the TC chair of 
your intent to participate at least 15 days prior to the first meeting;
3) attend the first meeting of the TC.

For OASIS members, to register for the TC using the OASIS collaborative 
tools, go to the TC's public page at 
http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ebxml-bp and click on the button for 
"Join This TC" at the top of the page. You may add yourself to the roster 
of the TC either as a Prospective Member (if you intend to become a member

of the TC) or an Observer. A notice will automatically be sent to the TC 
chair, which fulfills requirement #2 above. You may join a TC at any time 
after the first meeting, but in order to be a voting member at the first
meeting you must a) register at least 15 days before the first meeting and

b) attend the first meeting.

Note that membership in OASIS TCs is by individual, and not by

For non-OASIS members, a public comment list 
ebxml-bp-comment@lists.oasis-open.org is available for the public to make 
comments on the work of this TC; the public may subscribe to this list by 
sending mail to ebxml-bp-comment-subscribe@lists.oasis-open.org.

The archives of the TC's private and comment mail lists are visible to the

public at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/

Further information about this topic may be found on the Cover Pages under

the topic of "Standards for Business Process Modeling, Collaboration, and 
Choreography" at http://xml.coverpages.org/bpm.html

A FAQ for the TC is available at

~   James Bryce Clark
~   Manager Tech Stds Dev, OASIS Open
~   +1 978 667 5115 x 203 office
~   +1 310 293 6739 cel

The following information will become the normative TC charter:


The name of this Technical Committee is the OASIS ebXML Business Process 
Technical Committee (TC).


The purpose of the OASIS ebXML Business Process TC is to continue work on
royalty-free technology representation and model compatible with an 
underlying generic metamodel for business processes, activities, and 
collaboration. This business collaboration could occur within or between 
enterprises. The collaboration may be enforceable, easily manageable, 
and/or traceable. This representation and model will provide a set of 
guidelines to define the business process-rules, semantics and syntax for 
both binary and multi-party collaborations.  The representation and model 
will work within the ebXML architecture (for metamodel and model exchange)

and will also support standards-based development and exchange of business

process definitions.

In no event shall this Technical Committee finalize or approve any 
technical specification if it believes that the use, distribution, or 
implementation of such specification would necessarily require the 
unauthorized infringement of any third party rights known to the Technical

Committee, and such third party has not agreed to provide necessary
rights on perpetual, royalty-free, non-discriminatory terms.

At the appropriate time the OASIS ebXML Business Process TC shall submit 
its Committee Drafts for balloting by OASIS membership for OASIS Standard 


The OASIS ebXML Business Process TC's effort will address and align with 
vertical industry needs for business process collaboration and focus on 
ease of use.  The specification can be integrated into and bind with 
existing or emerging technologies.

The TC's work should build upon similar, existing standards wherever 
possible and align with other relevant standards for:

* Feature reuse
* Bindings
* Guidelines on how to jointly use the specification with other related 
* Addressing requirements from other related standards

The following features are outside the TC's scope:
* Specific business process interface descriptions
* Business process execution languages
* The run-time execution instance

The specification will support the computable and executable language used

for business collaboration, rather than the processing accomplished from 
the view of a single party. The TC may identify bindings to support the 
business process instance and ultimately the run-time execution. A binding

(map) could enable other executable process mechanisms to drive enterprise

applications where ebBP controls (rather than create) service behavior.

The TC will base its work upon the ebXML BPSS v1.01 specification (ebXML 
Business Process Specification Schema v1.01, 
http://www.ebxml.org/specs/index.htm) jointly developed by OASIS and 
UN/CEFACT, and derivative work expected to be donated by co-sponsors and 

The work of the TC will:

* Enable business systems to be configured in a canonical way to support 
the execution of business collaborations and transactions. This will 
improve interoperability of business processes across and within 
enterprises and should help to simplify and converge current collaboration

models and methodologies.

* Enable an organization to express characteristics of its business 
processes -- such as configuration parameters specific to choreography and

business collaboration and refined by a collaboration agreement (such as
ebXML Collaboration Profile Agreement) -- to enable electronic integration

of business processes as part of a larger collaboration. This includes the

interaction points in the organization's business process to determine 
whether and how to engage in a collaboration and the kinds of information 
exchanges required.  ebBP will be capable of working with e-business 
specifications from other industry and standards organizations such as 
RosettaNet, EAN.UCC, and UN/CEFACT.

* Provide integrated operational and functional service views of business 
processes, which will enable business analysts to more directly
in business collaboration creation and management.

* Allow business process models to be expressed visually (through
and in XML (machine readable).

* Support the ebXML framework and Web services to provide a loosely 
coupled, highly aligned specification set, while enabling support for
emerging technologies.  Promote the utility of this principle, through,
example, actively working with other OASIS technical committees, industry 
and standards organizations.


* Requirements document: Due within 2 months of first meeting.

* ebXML Business Process specification and schemas: This specification
reflect refinements and changes made to the submitted version of ebXML
that are identified by the TC members for additional functionality, 
semantic clarity and technical robustness within the scope of the TC 
charter. Final draft will be due within 6 months of first meeting.

* Industry or domain specific examples or implementation guides may be 
developed. The due dates will be determined after the initial set of 
deliverables is complete.


The primary audience for the final output of this TC is business process 
analysts and implementers.


All business will be conducted in English.

The following is informational only for the purpose of starting the TC:


As appropriate, the OASIS ebXML Business Process TC will collaborate with 
other relevant OASIS TCs, such as the Web Services Business Process 
Execution Language (WSBPEL), ebXML Message Service, ebXML Collaboration 
Protocol Profile and Agreement (CPP/A), and the ebXML Implementation, 
Interoperability and Conformance (IIC) TC. The TC will also work to align 
with relevant efforts of other organizations, such as the W3C's Web
Architecture Working Group and Web Services Choreography Working Group, 
RosettaNet, the Open Applications Group Inc. (OAGI), and the United
Centre for Trade Facilitation and eBusiness (UN/CEFACT) organization.

To further our work and purpose, other liaisons may be established.


The first meeting of the OASIS ebXML Business Process TC will take place
20 October 2003, at 9:00 a.m. PT over the phone, at a number to be
to prospective participants no later than 5 days before the meeting. That 
date and time will be the time of record for establishing initial voting 
membership under the OASIS TC process.


After the initial teleconference meeting the TC shall meet bi-weekly over 
the phone unless another schedule is agreed upon. For example, phone 
meetings will not be necessary during face-to-face meetings.

A face-to-face meeting of the TC in the San Francisco area of the U.S. 
shall be arranged at the first phone meeting, to take place no later than 
three months after this initial phone meeting. Subsequent face-to-face 
meetings will be quarterly.

The sponsor for the first year of face-to-face meeting shall be Sun 
Microsystems, with the first physical meeting to be held in the San 
Francisco Bay Area. The sponsor for phone meetings during the first year 
shall be Sun Microsystems and Cyclone Commerce, although support will be 
requested from other TC members.


The following persons eligible to participate in OASIS technical
state that they are committed to the purpose and schedule stated above:

Jacques Durand, Fujitsu, Jacques.Durand@fsw.fujitsu.com
Jean-Jacques Dubray, attachmate, jeanjadu@Attachmate.com
Neelekantan Kartha, Sterling Commerce, N_Kartha@stercomm.com
Dale Moberg, Cyclone Commerce,dmoberg@cyclonecommerce.com
Himagiri Mukkamala, Sybase, himagiri@sybase.com
Martin Roberts, individual, martin.me.roberts@bt.com
John Yunker, individual, yunker@amazon.com
Monica J. Martin, Sun Microsystems, monica.martin@sun.com


The Convenor shall be Dale Moberg, Cyclone Commerce.

The proposed chairs are Dale Moberg, Cyclone Commerce, and Monica J. 
Martin, Sun Microsystems.

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