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Re: Automated CPA negotiation

Hi Marty

An academic project at the Computer Science Department
(http://www.computing.edu.au) of Curtin University Perth, Western
Australia. Tim McGrath (chair of the OASIS UBL Library Content SC) is an
associated supervisor of the project.

The topic of the project is: The CPA formation process.

This project looks at the CPA composition task and the CPA negotiation
task. The project provides a "prototype" of both tasks. The project is
mainly based on the CPPA Specificatin Appendix E (CPA composition) and
the ANCPA (Automated Negotiation of CPA) Specification Version 0.04. The
project is in its final stage and should be finished within months. What
happens to the project and its implementations after the academic
project is finished is very much open.

The link to the project is: http://www.schlegel.li/ebXML
The source code is open source and licenced under the GNU Public Licence

Kind regards.

(Member of ebXML CPPA Automated Negotiation SC)

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 05:07, Martin Sachs wrote:
> The ebXML CPA Negotiation team would like to find out what work is taking 
> place on CPA negotiation.  Please post a description of work on this 
> subject that you can discuss publicly.
> Regards,
> Marty
> *************************************
> Martin Sachs
> standards architect
> Cyclone Commerce
> msachs@cyclonecommerce.com 
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Sacha                                   Schlegel
4 Warwick Str, 6102 St. James, Perth,  Australia
sacha@schlegel.li                www.schlegel.li
public key:            www.schlegel.li/sacha.gpg

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