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Re: ebXML Registry --- can work as distributed registries?

At 12:01 PM 2/10/2004 -0800, Duane Nickull wrote <snipped>:

>[DN] I also second the notion of a 3 years after update.  I would like to

>suggest however that Mike write the first draft in a vacuum using only
>official specs.  This IMHO, is a good sanity check to make sure that 
>someone can pick up the specs and they are complete enough to 
>implement.  While I also had several points of contention with Mike's 
>articles at the time, I did feel that the entire process added value to 
>ebXML.  If he hadn't pointed out the shortcomings, it may have been
>before we caught them.  All teams could comment on these before final 
>publishing.  Then it can be worded to reflect those comments.
>"while the author felt there was insufficient support for XX, the XX team

>expressed that it felt it was possible by doing XX.  The following 
>implementation experience was cited to back up this claim"
>Mike - you up for this task?

Gee, thanks, Duane.  Nothing like a bit of throwing down the gauntlet, eh?

All I can promise you is that I will consider your suggestion.  Those with

a long enough memory will recall that I did actively solicit comments from

various ebXML TC leads during the posting of the original series, 
particularly after the "Market Impact" article was posted.  So few 
responded that I have doubts about the effort being worthwhile a second 
time.  At this point I'm more inclined to write the update based on the 
specs and other publicly available materials and let the chips fall where 
they may.  For rebuttals and corrections this listserv has worked quite 
well, but I could also offer links on my pages for them.  At any rate,
think about it.


Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting
Using XML with Legacy Business Applications (Addison-Wesley, 2003)

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