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Fwd: [MediaAct] UN ICT Task Force meeting, NYC, March 25-26

There can hardly be robust commerce without proper governance of the 
physical layer.  Today, the global corporations have a network.  We don't.

Todd  http://ledgerism.net

>Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 14:44:22 -0800
>From: Sasha Costanza-Chock <schock@riseup.net>
>To: alt.wsis@lists.riseup.net, crisusa@comunica.org,
>         activist@mediatank.org
>Subject: [MediaAct] UN ICT Task Force meeting, NYC, March 25-26
>Communication Rights activists on the US East Coast should begin 
>organizing for this meeting on internet governance.
>       NEW YORK, 5 February (UN Department of Economic and Social
>       -- A Global Forum on Internet Governance will be held on 25-26 
> March 2004 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, to bring together

> leading actors and all relevant stakeholders, including Member States, 
> civil society and the private sector, interested in Internet governance 
> issues.  Organized under the auspices of the United Nations Information 
> and Communication Technologies (ICT) Task Force, the Global Forum will
> an opportunity to engage in an open discussion on all aspects of
> governance.
>       The views expressed from around the world in on-line discussions
> be organized with other partners in the weeks ahead will contribute to 
> the Forum to ensure as broad and comprehensive a reflection of 
> perspectives and ideas on the issues to be addressed.  The Global Forum 
> will contribute to the world-wide consultation process to be organized
> the Secretary-General.  (For future announcements,
>please visit:
>www.unicttaskforce.org/sixthmeeting, http://www.wsis-online.net/.
>       Background
>       The Plan of Action adopted at the Geneva phase of the World Summit

> on the Information Society (WSIS) in December 2003, requested the United

> Nations Secretary-General "to set up a working group on Internet 
> governance, in an open and inclusive process that ensures a mechanism
> the full and active participation of governments, the private sector and

> civil society from both developing and developed countries, involving 
> relevant intergovernmental and international organizations and forums,
> investigate and make proposals for action, as appropriate, on the 
> governance of Internet by 2005".
>       Among the principal issues that the group will address are a 
> working definition of Internet governance, identification of relevant 
> public policy issues, and the roles and responsibilities of different 
> stakeholders.  While the Secretary-General has yet to make a final 
> decision on how to organize a Working Group on Internet Governance, he 
> expressed his view that this Global Forum "will be of great utility" for

> any future consultation process.
>       UN ICT Task Force
>       The Task Force is a multi-stakeholder initiative launched by the
>Secretary-General in 2001.  In supporting the first phase of the
>WSIS, the Task Force successfully helped in placing the United
>Nations development objectives at the heart of the Summit and
>mobilized the participation of the multi-stakeholder networks, organized
>series of side events and launched new initiatives, including on 
>education.  The Task Force intends to contribute actively to the 
>preparations for the second phase of the WSIS leading up to the Tunis 
>Summit in November 2005.
>       The Secretary-General has decided to extend the initial three-year

> term of the Task Force until the end of 2005.  In his letter of 29 
> January 2004 to the Chairperson of the Task Force, Mr. José-María 
> Figueres Olsen, the Secretary-General stated:  "I have followed the work

> of the Task Force with keen interest and wish to express my appreciation

> to you and the other members for your successful efforts in helping to 
> place ICT at the service of development, making this a central theme of 
> the WSIS".
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