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Subject: RE: Butterfly XML IDE based on new Real-time Incremental ParsingAlgorithm

Wow that sounds exciting.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jules White [mailto:jules@americanartists.org] 
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2004 9:33 AM
To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: Butterfly XML IDE based on new Real-time Incremental

The Butterfly XML team has just released its first public beta of the
open-source Butterfly XML IDE (http://www.butterflyxml.org). The
Butterfly XML IDE is built on top of a new real-time incremental XML
parsing algorithm. The DOM is updated in real-time as the user types and
not in a separate thread. The editor features syntax and error
highlighting, incremental validation, intelligent code completion (based
on XML Schema, DTD, or document analysis), XSLT pipelines, DTD and
Schema Generation, and side by side DOM and source viewing. Built-in
support for XHTML, XSL, Xforms, XML Schemas, XSP, and Cocoon sitemaps is
included. Support for other XML types can also easily be added. The
editor is capable of parsing XML documents that are not well-formed and
showing the source of the errors. Errors in documents are highlighted in
the source as well as marked in the DOM view. This allows for easy
conversion of HTML to well-formed XML. The side by side DOM and source
viewing allows for the tree view of the XML to be instantly updated as
the user types. The source can also be navigated and updated from the
DOM tree. XSLT pipelines make building up and visualizing complex
transformations easy.


Jules White
Senior Architect
The Butterfly XML Team


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Client Development Services
Network Consultant Los Angeles
Consulting, Systems Integration and Outsourcing
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