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[Ann] freebXML Registry version 3.0-alpha1 pre-release is available

The freebXML Registry team (formerly ebxmlrr team) has been busy
developing version 3.0-alpha1 of our software since September 15, 2003
when we released version 2.1-final1.

The new version provides most of the new features of the ebXML
Registry 3.0 specifications. Our freebXML Registry implementation and
the ebXML Registry 3.0 specifications are being developed in parallel
and with a tight symbiotic feedback loop connecting spec evolution
with implementation experience.

As we get close to meeting all our release criteria we would like to
try a new experiment. We invite the ebxmlrr-tech community to begin
using the pre-release 3.0-alpha1 software and providing the team with
feedback. As you report problems and make suggestions we will respond
with fixes and enhancements. After a suitable bake period (expected to
last a few weeks) we will make the official release. We expect that
this pre-release usage will enable the actual release to be of much
higher quality.


The 3.0-alpha1 currently is pre-release software and should NOT be
used for mission critical use.


That said, the release is quite functional and usable in its current
state for those that would like to get started with deploying version
3.0 ASAP.

Latest Release Notes

The latest release notes are available in CVS tree at:


They are also in the readme.txt file at the root level once you have
downloaded the software.

Downloading Software

In pre-release form the software is only available directly from the
CVS repository and requires the user to be setup with CVS client
software. To download from CVS, change to a newly created directory on
your local file system and then follow instructions at:


For modulename use: omar (which stands for Objects, Metadata and
Artifacts Registry)

Release Documentation

In pre-release form we provide preliminary documentation at:


A good place to start is the installation and setup guide:


Note that section titled "Downloading the Required Files" should be
skipped as there is no packaged download for the pre-release. All
software is available via CVS head.

Known Issues

The following are known limitations that are being worked on and fixes
will become available via CVS and the list will be notified.

-Need relationship tabbed panels in RegistryObject detail panel for
  thin UI

-Need to fix bug in thin UI search results next/previous button

-Need to fix thin UI to allow Classification based searches with
incremental load of ClassificationScheme tree

-Need to fix thin UI to show dynamic parameter entry panels for stored
queries similar to fat UI

-Need to fix cleandb target. Until then must do as follows for
PostgreSQL prior to re-building database with createDemoDB target

1. Shutdown tomcat and all other postgres clients

2. Logon as postgres user

3. Issue commands: dropdb omar_registry; createdb -E UTF-8 omar_registry

Reporting Bugs and Requests For Enhancements (RFEs)

-All messages should be posted to ebxmlrr-tech alias

-Make sure you indicate the release (3.0dev for the pre-release

-Include steps to reproduce the problem

-Include stack trace if any

-If you have a bug fix patch please follow instructions at:


We look forward to helping the ebxmlrr-tech community move to 3.0
release and very much appreciate your using the pre-release software
and helping us make the release of the highest quality with your
valuable feedback.

Thank you for using the freebXML Registry.

Referenced Resources:

[1] freebXML Registry


[2] Document Tree for release 3.0


[3] ebXML Registry 2.1 Specifications (Approved OASIS and ISO Standard)


[4] Preliminary ebXML Registry V3 Specifications (Version 2.5 Approved
     by ebXML Registry TC)


[5] ebXML Registry Technical Committee


[6] Web Content Management using ebXML Registry (XML Europe 2003):




[7] Java API for XML Registries


Farrukh Najmi

(on behalf of the ebxmlrr team:
http://ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net/contributors.html )

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