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Subject: RE: CCTS version 2.01

Title: CCTS version 2.01
OASIS was to publish a link from the ebXML.org website to the URL for CCTS.  Not sure why that has not happend yet.  I will take care of it this week.
Mark Crawford
CCTS Editor

From: J. Dean E. P. Hemopo [mailto:jdeanh@ihug.co.nz]
Sent: Sun 7/18/2004 2:21 AM
To: ebXML Dev-List; ebXML Dev Forum
Subject: CCTS version 2.01

hello dudes and dudettes,

why is CCTS Version 2.01 on the ebXML.org website ?  i am trying to build
this stuff and the OASIS website is missing this critical spec.  this is
what i find scary is that things go to ISO, and we start paying for stuff.
lucky some good soul put this on the web free.

any ideas why, is it a CEFACT thing or what?

also, the Class diagrams in CCTS spec depicts Registry Classes, what
happened to RIM V.2 RegistryObjects and RegistryEntry's classes, it appears
there is only a Registry class now ?

now please dont give me that these are only "high level concepts", if you
do, then suggest how i can support this as is in CCTS V.201, which, by the
way, really helps in other ways of clarifying things up.  makes dev easier.
actually, its the root items we need, but surely there is some form of
similarity in ebXML Class diagrams for a ebXML Registry.

dean hemopo
auckland, new zealand

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