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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] availability of open source UBL/ebXML test data ?

If you want to see what Papinet is doing go to URL: www.papinet.org
Jean-Luc Champion

"Monica J. Martin" <Monica.Martin@Sun.COM> wrote:
david.lyon@computergrid.net wrote:

>I'm looking for some UBL test data. Does anyone have any they can share as I so
>far have not been able to find any.
>What I'm looking for is ideally about 10,000 UBL Invoices, Purchase Orders and
>Despatch Advices in a configuration that tests a range of potential shortfalls
>in the application software. If there are some perl scripts to generate the
>data then even better.
>I understand that there have been some interoperability tests, so such a test
>suite must exist somewhere. It would be good if the test data could be made
>available publically.
>If such a test data suit doesn't exist, well one solution obviously is to create
>some. But I am sure that there must be some out there somewhere. I've seen the
>one or two examples in the UBL documentation, but what I'm looking for is
>something a little bit more serious than that for use to test a production
Check with Jacques Durand who just completed an ETSI test in Europe
(jdurand@us.fujitsu.com). They may not have the test data you seek from
the cross country tests with 5-6 vendors. I know that papi-Net (paper
industry) has been conducted 20,000 transactions per month. VENCORP -
Victorian Energy Networks Corporation - in Australia has been processing
100,000 transactions per day (http://www.vencorp.corp.au). Neil
Bedford is architect. Thanks.

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