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Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML core components derivation by restriction


Given that TBG17 is for harmonisation not updates to the CCTS, is there
a formal procedure for updating the CCTS? I know you mentioned several
individuals yesterday, but how can one be sure that if they submit a
proposed CCTS update that it will be handled expediently according to a
well-defined, open process?


"Fred Blommestein, van" wrote:
> Ron,
> <Fred>Extension capabilities are provided. Any project can, through the
appropriate channels (contact your UN/CEFACT Head of Delegation) forward
proposals for new BIE's and CC's to the non-profit UN/CEFACT working group
TBG17 (harmonisation).</Fred>
> <Ron>How much lag time is possible between the time an extension is
requested and it gets approved by TBG17? Does the TGB17 Working Group meet
periodically to review proposed extensions or is it an ongoing process? If
they meet periodically, what is the frequency? Are the procedures and
decision criteria published somewhere? Where is the current library of CCs
and BIEs published?</Ron>
> TBG17 now has telecons every week. As a matter of fact yesterday, during
our mail-conversation we had one. The group is building up its procedures,
by assessing the first (eight?) submissions from industry groups. As all
this stuff is new to everybody we must find the best way by just doing it.
After next week we'll have a full week F2F. We envisage it is ongoing work
and we hope by finetuning the procedures and learning from people like you
who have experience in ontology-engineering in the future to automize (or
at least do an automatical pre-assessment of) most of the work. Both the
draft procedures and the first draft list of CC's have been published in
the UN/CEFACT community. Please contact Alan Stitzer
(Alan.Stitzer@marsh.com) who is leading the project.
> Fred

Kind Regards,
Joseph Chiusano
Booz Allen Hamilton

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