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Subject: RE: [ubl-dev] Version 3 ebXML what different from Version 2


personally, i see ebXML gaining ground on the touted web services
architecture.  you can build a web service in 10 minutes (typing rate of 80
words per minute) and i think it is largely that that is the impetus for
that genre of software.  ebXML strikes me as a ROBUST web service
architecture that looks at an architecture that can be built once, left
there for all time.  though sounding emotive, and that last comment not
being exactly the case, under ebXML i think we are looking for the
architecture/layers that will provide for the future streamlined internet.

the vision is for everyone, SME, consumer, fortune 500, what ever financial
elk they may come from discovering each other and interacting business
electronically over the internet.  it is that collaboration between entities
GLOBALLY that i think is where this ebXML thing is headed.

the initial learning curve is steep, but it flattens out after 6 months or

in relation to question 2:  what is required is a new vision of business,
and not the technology.  to begin that, we need to see the ebXML world as a
given, and architect ERP/SCM/CRM and other models accordingly.  some people
are technology oriented and fail to think “products”, which in itself is
against contemporary marketing thinking, considered a product orientation,
but it is the type of position indentured programmers need to be (outside of
the circle).  a business plan for deployment of ebXML needs to meet a market
need, so the question is “does the market need it”. we think so, now we need
to prove it.

me, i am in it because it feels good.

nice chatting,

dean hemopo
auckland, new zealand

-----Original Message-----
From: WALLER Anne [mailto:Anne.Waller@vencorp.vic.gov.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 4 August 2004 2:36 p.m.
To: ubl-dev@lists.oasis-open.org; ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org;
Subject: [ubl-dev] Version 3 ebXML what different from Version 2


     Question 1:
               Can someone please summarise the difference between ebXML
specification V2.0 and V3.0. We are using only one part of the ebXML
specification, Messaging Service V1.0 and would like to find out where the
ebXML specification is heading.

     Question 2:
             Is the ebXML specifications and usage of ; seen to be a healthy
on-going process. ie is the business fully supportive of the ebXML
specification. There had been very few implementations of the ebXML
Messaging Service when we established our systems and wish to find out with
V3.0 on the cards,  is this (ie ebXML)  a strong process that is seen to
have a future in today's business to business market.

  Thanks in advance for your input.

     Anne Waller
    Principal Analyst, Multi-Tier Systems
    Victorian Energy Networks Corporation
    Level 2 Yarra Tower, World Trade Centre
    Siddeley Street

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