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Subject: ebXML vs Web Services

Title: ebXML vs Web Services

Hi all,

Im seeking for some opinions in comparing ebXML and Web Services. From my reading, some might claim that Web Services is more suitable for an ad-hoc business collaboration which means partners are more loosely coupled. For example there is no standard on how to cope with potential failure conditions. Technically speaking, I do think that Web Services providers can offer tight coupling services as well. On the other related question, which one is more suitable to do business on the fly in a sense partner can quickly find for potential partner and do business there and then? Is it Web Services which is using UDDI Registry or ebXML which is using ebXML distributed Registry?

Can anyone comment on this?

Next Gen Computing, MIMOS Berhad

Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 89965000 ext 6444

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