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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] ebXML vs Web Services


	Similar questions were being asked within the EU energy industry and
some comparative information is contained in a presentation created by Mr.
Wolfgang Maerz of Maerz Communication Consulting which you can retrieve at:


Dick Brooks
B2B Application Integration and CyberSecurity Consultant
Lowell, Massachusetts
US Telephone: 602-684-1484
EU Telephone: +353 86 050-9248

> "AbdulRahman, Nazlihasri" wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm seeking for some opinions in comparing ebXML and Web Services. 
> From my reading, some might claim that Web Services is more suitable 
> for an ad-hoc business collaboration which means partners are more 
> loosely coupled. For example there is no standard on how to cope with 
> potential failure conditions. Technically speaking, I do think that 
> Web Services providers can offer tight coupling services as well. On 
> the other related question, which one is more suitable to do business 
> on the fly in a sense partner can quickly find for potential partner 
> and do business there and then? Is it Web Services which is using UDDI 
> Registry or ebXML which is using ebXML distributed Registry?
> Can anyone comment on this?
> Nazli
> Next Gen Computing, MIMOS Berhad
> Kuala Lumpur
> Tel: +603 89965000 ext 6444

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