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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] XML Data Binding

Also beware that data binding is often much slower
than DOM.

--- Simon Sprott <Sales@liquid-technologies.com>

> Hi
> XSD's are excellent at describing a standard, but
> ultimately programs need
> to be written to create or consume compliant XML.
> Their are a number of ways
> of doing this, DOM parsers SAX parsers or XML Data
> Binding.
> XML Data binding takes your XSD, and generates
> classes from it. Each class
> represents an element or complex type from the
> schema. Now instead of
> writing mountains of unintuitive code to deal with
> DOM objects, you can
> reference the simple generated classes dealing with
> strongly typed
> properties. XML documents can be
> serialized/deserialized from these objects.
> This has a number of advantages;
>     o Much faster development
>     o Higher level of compliance to schema
>     o Inconsistencies between code and schema can be
> identified at compile
> time.
> Here at Liquid Technologies we have spent the last 3
> years developing and
> refining a system that is now best of breed,
> generating Java, C#, cross
> platform C++ or Visual Basic 6 code from XSD, XDR &
> DTD's schemas.
> A free evaluation is available from our site
> http://www.liquid-technologies.com/Products.htm
> Thank you for your time
> Simon Sprott.
> ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org

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