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ebBP v2.0.4 Moves to OASIS Standard Vote 16 November 2006

Approved as an an OASIS Committee Specification and with the required 
certifications, the ebBP v2.0.4 packages are on the path to OASIS 
We are actively working within OASIS and with other interested user 
communities in Asia, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.
The OASIS Standard vote begins 16 November 2006 (notice at: 

We've consolidated a wealth of information relevant to our user 
communities at our public web site at:

The permanent location for the v2.04 packages are found at: 

If desired, the v2.0.3 packages, individual schema files, and other 
important documents are available on our public web site under 
"Technical Work Produced by the Committee" or at: 
ebBP is also in the news:
1. METU has provided an updated ebBP Editor Tool. See: 
http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=154705. Their cumulative efforts 
are important to eHealth and to the domain of business
process in general. Congratulations to METU!
2. We've now posted sample Japanese process definitions from JEITA (see 
public web site above).
3. ebBP and the framework ebXML technologies were recently featured at 
Linux World.
4. More is to come too from Object Management Group as ebBP has 
contributed to their work on Business Process Definition Metamodel 
(BPDM) and Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). The experience 
around and requirements for choreography and business collaboration from 
ebBP experts has positively
received by those groups. As their work evolves, so will the 
functionality to support our primary areas of interest.

All referenced information and more is available on our public web site 
that includes:
   * Frequently Asked Questions
   * ebBP Overview
   * Multiple sample process definitions for including those from UBL 
SBS, Italian knit wear, CPP/A negotiation, JEITA and more.
   * Business signal examples
   * Links to the current ebBP editor

We encourage you to check out our public web site and keep abreast of 
our progress made thus far.  For those using or interested in using 
ebBP, please contact Dale Moberg and myself (particularly if you are an 
OASIS member!).  Best regards.

The OASIS vote on ebBP begins on 16 November, when a Call For Vote will 
be issued to all Voting Representatives of
OASIS member organizations. They will have until the last day of 
November, inclusive, to cast their ballots on whether this Committee 
Specification should
be approved as an OASIS Standard or not.

Dale Moberg, dmoberg@cyclonecommerce.com
Monica J. Martin, monica.martin@sun.com
and the ebBP team

OASIS ebXML Business Process TC (ebBP)

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