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RE: [ebxml-dev] EDI Electronic Notary rather then VANS


I think way more people have this figured out than you think - and
running their business as they need to - modern tools for XML, web
services and ebXML have enabled that. At this point I'm not sure
there's much more to add. I don't believe the problem you are
postulating really exists - and tools like eBanking are accelerating -
so that's proof positive that the issues are being resolved
pragmatically right now.  I know my own bank provides a hardware device
to ID my online (via USB reader) and teller machine (bank) transactions
- so this is in everyday common use here.  The Australian government
has a record of the most advanced adoption - so I'd be more inclined to
believe they have this well under control despite your reservations.  We
clearly got over Napolean 100+ years ago.

Thanks, DW 

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