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RE: [ebxml-dev] Self signed certificate rejected

Look at the installation instructions here - and the commands for the certificate creation.
Pages 8 - 10
We have this working with Hermes - so you should be able to as well...
The PDF inside the ZIP file here is actual newer - just realized the old one is on the standalone link.
Thanks, DW

"The way to be is to do" - Confucius (551-472 B.C.)

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [ebxml-dev] Self signed certificate rejected
From: "Kappe, Albert" <albert.kappe@capgemini.com>
Date: Fri, December 29, 2006 4:15 am
To: "ebxml-dev" <ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org>

I run into problems using a self signed certificate from a partner.
I have imported the p7b public key in the DigitalSignature/TrustedAnchor/KeyStore.
This is the logging in msh.log:
2006-12-29 09:54:45,822 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: receive incoming message
2006-12-29 09:54:45,842 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: finished retrieving raw message from HTTP connection
2006-12-29 09:54:45,842 INFO  [http-8090-Processor20]: Process incoming message
2006-12-29 09:54:45,842 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: => MessageServer.getMessageFromDataSource
2006-12-29 09:54:45,872 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: Persist message to R0000\message49907 on persistence handler
2006-12-29 09:54:45,882 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: => MessageServer.getMessageFromDataSource
2006-12-29 09:54:45,912 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: => MessageServiceHandler.onMessage
2006-12-29 09:54:45,912 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: => MessageServiceHandler.dispatchMessage
2006-12-29 09:54:45,912 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: => MessageServiceHandler.hasSignature
2006-12-29 09:54:45,912 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: <= MessageServiceHandler.hasSignature
2006-12-29 09:54:45,912 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: => MessageServiceHandler.verify
2006-12-29 09:54:45,912 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: verify the XML signature
2006-12-29 09:54:45,922 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: setEnvelope, using algorithm: null
2006-12-29 09:54:45,922 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: start verifying
2006-12-29 09:54:45,933 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: got the signature element
2006-12-29 09:54:45,973 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: created signature object
2006-12-29 09:54:45,973 DEBUG [http-8090-Processor20]: created document resolver
2006-12-29 09:54:45,973 WARN  [http-8090-Processor20]: Self signed certificate rejected.
2006-12-29 09:54:45,973 ERROR [http-8090-Processor20]: Error on verifying signature : hk.hku.cecid.phoenix.message.handler.MessageServiceHandlerException: Self signed certificate rejected.
What do I need to more to trust self signed certificate from a partner?
Regards, Albert
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