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Re: [ebxml-dev] Webswell Connect 2.0.6 is released

Ladislav Urban wrote:

>I would like to inform you about new release of Webswell Connect - open
>source integration tool.
>Webswell Connect provides open source technological infrastructure that
>enables companies to take part in documents interchange based on the
>ebXML, WS web services and AS2 standards.  
>It contains:  
>- EbXML, WS web services and AS2-compliant messaging system Hermes 2  
>- A Ebxml Registry and Repository 3.0 + CVS updates for business
>- Demonstration, simulation and testing utilities  
>- Multiplatform java installer  
>Changes in latest version: 
>- Added support of Windows services for Tomcat 
>- Dispatcher 1.1.1 , improved error handling 
>- Major bug fix in installer for Windows systems 
>More information at: 
>Download at: 
We've added this to the new ebxml.xml.org/products site. I encourage you 
to set up an account and blog! Thanks.

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