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[Announcement] HefeWeizen, an ebXML Message Service Handler (Freeand Open Source Software)

Dear ebXML Community

Announcement of HefeWeizen, a Free and Open Source Software ebXML
messaging system.

HefeWeizen supports ebXML Messaging Service Specification version 2.0
and ebXML Collaboration Protocol Agreement and Profile Specification
version 2.0.

Website: http://dev.havanawave.com/repos/HefeWeizen


o ebMS 2.0 support
  o Reliable messaging
  o XML digital signature
  o XML encryption
  o HTTP and HTTP(s) support (server and client authentication)
  o SMTP (in planning)
o ebCPPA 2.0
  o Configuration of trading partners via ebXML CPA's


o Ruby Programming Language (http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/)
  o some Ruby gems (installer checks dependencies)
o Linux/Unix
  o uses libxml2, libxmlsec1 C libraries

Status: Beta

For more information please visit the HefeWeizen website.

Kind regards

Sacha Schlegel

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