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Presentations related to ebXML at the OASIS Open Standards forum (Oktober 2007)

The recent OASIS Open Standards Forum features a number of ebXML related

Jagdip Grewal, Chief Technical Architect, NHS Connecting for Health,
presented at the OASIS Open Standards forum in London.  Connecting for
Health is a large scale deployment of ebXML Messaging.  Electronic
Transmission of Prescriptions involves five hundred messages per second.
This may go up even higher, to seven hundred, the audience was told. 


A presentation by Kazunori Iwasa and other people from Fujitsu gave an
overview of ongoing work on promoting e-Business and Web Services Standards
to SMEs in Japan and Asia. It gives a good insight into some of the
requirements of SME supports that have been input to the upcoming ebMS3


This presentation by Antoine Rizk of Axway at the OASIS Open Standards forum
references a large scale deployment of ebXML Messaging in Asia.  The
exchange of customs documents between Thailand and the Philippines uses
ebXML Messages.  Via service providers, this link connects many thousands of
exporting and importing companies.    


Proceedings available at

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