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Re: [ebxml-dev] Press Release - CECID Contributed Self-Service HermesMessaging Gateway v2.0 (H2O) Testing Server for Free

Thanks David!

David RR Webber (XML) wrote:
> Patrick,
> Just went to the site and explored all this - this is a fantastic start point. 
> We have been needing this for years - major kudos for making this available.
> Best wishes for every success with this,
> DW
>> -------- Original Message --------
>> Subject: [ebxml-dev] Press Release - CECID Contributed Self-Service
>> Hermes Messaging Gateway v2.0 (H2O) Testing Server for Free
>> From: Patrick Yee <kcyee@cecid.hku.hk>
>> Date: Fri, February 29, 2008 4:05 am
>> To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
>> *CECID Contributed Self-Service Hermes Messaging Gateway v2.0 (H2O) 
>> Testing Server for Free 
>> <http://www.cecid.hku.hk/pressrelease_20080229_H20%20Testing%20server_v2a.php>*
>> Hong Kong SAR, Peoples Republic of China - 29 February 2008 - Center for 
>> E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID), The University of Hong 
>> Kong (HKU) is pleased to contribute Hermes Messaging Gateway v2.0 (H2O) 
>> testing server for free to facilitate users to conduct self-service 
>> testing after its installation.
>> Since its release at CECID open-source community website 
>> <http://community.cecid.hku.hk/index.php> in June 2007, H2O has been 
>> downloaded and adopted by developers and users from over 60 economies 
>> around the world. Overwhelming responses and valuable feedback are 
>> received daily via the mailing list cecid-hermes2@googlegroups.com 
>> <mailto:cecid-hermes2@googlegroups.com> and the community website, in 
>> which some users reported that they experienced difficulties in setting 
>> up the appropriate configuration during installation, and finding 
>> partners for testing. In response to these comments related to H2O 
>> installation, a testing server which serves as a virtual testing machine 
>> is being setup at the community website to facilitate users to 
>> troubleshoot installation problems and conduct self-service testing on 
>> network connectivity to the Internet and message exchange functions.
>> The H2O testing server (a.k.a. Swallow) is a web-based platform for 
>> testing messaging functionality of any client installed with H2O. It 
>> acts as a standardized, user-friendly, and comprehensive testing suite 
>> for users to test and learn how to use H2O practically. At Swallow, a 
>> user interface is provided to create an interoperability profile. After 
>> setting up, users can send their testing messages from their message 
>> gateway to Swallow. In turn, Swallow will send responses back to the 
>> users' message gateway, notifying them the message status and reporting 
>> error messages if any. All these network data is captured and displayed 
>> at Swallow's web interface for ease of monitoring the message 
>> connectivity. In short, Swallow helps users to install H2O more 
>> effectively and provides an Internet-based host to test their H2O 
>> deployment in a holistic way. Try it out yourself at 
>> http://community.cecid.hku.hk/swallow/.
>> **
>> *About Hermes* (www.cecid.hku.hk/hermes.php 
>> <http://www.cecid.hku.hk/hermes.php>)
>> First version released in June 2002, Hermes has since become a popular 
>> and awards-winning open source solution for organizations to exchange 
>> information in ebXML Messaging (ebMS) or Applicability Specification 2 
>> (AS2) format with their business partners. The latest version, H2O 
>> (H-two-oh), replaces two predecessors (H2CE and H2EE) with additional 
>> tools and a full set of documentation to make configuration and 
>> administration even more easily. H2O and its source code 
>> (http://community.cecid.hku.hk/index.php/product/download/download_h2o/) 
>> are released under GNU General Public License Version 2 
>> <http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html>. Users and developers can get 
>> community support through the mailing list 
>> cecid-hermes2@googlegroups.com <mailto:cecid-hermes2@googlegroups.com>. 
>> To enhance support to H2O users, many useful information and articles 
>> ranging from technical issues to general usage of H2O in different 
>> platforms can be obtained from CECID open-source community website 
>> (http://community.cecid.hku.hk/index.php 
>> <http://community.cecid.hku.hk/index.php/>). In addition, CECID's VARs 
>> provide professional support to save users time. Requests can be sent to 
>> enquiry@cecid.hku.hk <mailto:enquiry@cecid.hku.hk>.
>> *About CECID* (www.cecid.hku.hk <http://www.cecid.hku.hk/index.php>)
>> Established in January 2002, Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure 
>> Development (CECID) at the University of Hong Kong conducts e-commerce 
>> research and development with the vision of helping organizations 
>> increase their competitiveness in the global economy. CECID develops 
>> e-commerce enabling technologies, participates in important 
>> international e-commerce initiatives, as well as supports e-commerce 
>> standardization for Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region. With projects 
>> primarily funded by the Hong Kong Government's Innovation and Technology 
>> Commission, CECID also takes on the mission to transfer knowledge and 
>> technology to the community. Besides organizing forums and seminars, the 
>> Center licenses its R&D results through the University of Hong Kong to 
>> IT industry. Its acclaimed e-commerce technology, Hermes, has penetrated 
>> over 80 economies and won the Best Infrastructure and Communication 
>> Application of the Linux Business Award 2005 as well as Certificates of 
>> Merit of the Asia-Pacific ICT Awards 2004 and HK Computer Society IT 
>> Excellence Award 2004.
>> *PR Contacts for Press and Analysts *
>> Rosanna Yip (rwyyip@cecid.hku.hk <mailto:rwyyip@cecid.hku.hk>)
>> Operations Manager
>> Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID)
>> Dept. of Computer Science
>> The University of Hong Kong
>> Tel: +852 2241 5798
>> Fax: +852 2547 4611
>> URL: www.cecid.hku.hk <http://www.cecid.hku.hk>

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