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Call for Use Cases - CCTS Context Methodology

Dear All,
The UN/CEFACT Context Methodology Project Team is hard at work developing the much needed CCTS Context Methodology.  We have completed UN/CEFACT Open Development Process (ODP) (
http://www.unece.org/cefact/cf_plenary/plenary07/trd_R650_Rev4_A1E.pdf) Steps 1 and 2 (Requirements are available on our collaboration site located here: ) The project is currently in ODP Step 3 - Internal Draft Development.  As part of that process, we are evaluating use cases to help us ensure we are meeting our agreed upon requirements as well as the needs of our intended user community (the broad spectrum of CCTS users).  To help us move forward, we are issuing an open call for submission of Use Cases by the intended user community.  We ask that all CCTS users please take this opportunity to provide what they see as valid use cases for the context methodology specification using the attached template.  I am including an example use case to help you in this process.
We will be reviewing these use cases during the Mexico City UN/CEFACT Forum 7-11 April 2008.  Please send your contributions NLT 9 April 2008 to: 
Project Lead:  Řyvind Aassve:
Project Editor: Tony Coates
If you are interested in joining this exciting project, please send an email to:
Project Lead:  Řyvind Aassve: oyvindaa@yahoo.com
Kind Regards,

Mark Crawford
SAP Standards Architect
Global Ecosystem and Partner Group
Office: 703 670-0920

Mobile: 703 485-5232
Chair UN/CEFACT Applied Technologies Group 
Lead, UN/CEFACT XML NDR Standard
Lead Editor, UN/CEFACT Core Components


Context Methodology Use Case Template Sample.doc

Context Methodology Use Case Template.doc

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