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Call for participation - PEPPOL Architecture Conference - January 29-30th 2009 - Copenhagen

Hello ebxml community,

One of the largest European eBusiness transport infrastructure projects is underway. It is the PEPPOL pilot (Pan-European Public eProcurement On-Line). We are building an infrastructure that will allow individual companies as well as existing national and regional eBusiness frameworks and VAN's to exchange electronic business documents. The heart of infrastructure is a hierarchy of eBusiness registries. Final decisions on transport profiles for the pilot have not been made, but the infrastructure will allow any transport profile (including ebms) to be used. We will supply you the governance mechanism and the registry infrastructure. We are presenting our proposed architecture at the end of January in Copenhagen Denmark. Come to Denmark and give us feedback and lets together create a viral infrastructure. See the call for participation below and consider attending. Its a free two day event but seats are limited.

All the best wishes for the holiday season.

Mikkel Hippe Brun
Danish National IT and Telecom Agency


The PEPPOL Architecture Conference 2009 is your chance to "kick tires" at the PEPPOL pilot (Pan-European Public eProcurement On-Line). The objective of the PEPPOL project is to set up a pan-European pilot solution that, conjointly with existing national solutions, facilitates EU-wide interoperable public eProcurement.

The vision of the PEPPOL project is that any company and in particular SMEs in the EU can communicate electronically with any European governmental institution for the entire procurement process. Furthermore - the exchange of business documents should be as easy as sending emails.

It is our goal that the PEPPOL infrastructure will be rolled out in all member states after a successful pilot. The project will be 9 months old at the conference and important decisions regarding the technical architecture as well as the business models supported are about to be made. If your organization is not part of PEPPOL - this conference is your chance to learn more about the business opportunities and to influence our direction. So please come to Copenhagen to kick the tires of PEPPOL!

Day 1 will focus on the business needs for establishing the PEPPOL infrastructure, its governance, main components and their relationship. Discussions are aimed at decision makers in public and private sector responsible for establishing technical infrastructures to support efficient and interoperable eProcurement solutions.

Day 2 will focus on implementing the PEPPOL infrastructure, the technical architecture of the PEPPOL infrastructure and the technical content of the architecture components. Discussions will be organized in a workshop manner in order to review and facilitate discussion and feedback on the proposed architecture and its components.

The conference is hosted by The Danish National IT and Telecom Agency and is offered free of charge. There are however a limited number of free places which are reserved for solution and platform providers, public sector entities, PEPPOL consortium members, Service providers and related EU initiatives. We reserve the right to allocate places and to refuse applications once the number of complimentary places has been exceeded.

For more information about the PEPPOL project see: http://www.peppol.eu

For more information about the conference, the program and registration see: http://www.peppolinfrastructure.com/architectureconferencev12009

Observe that the conference is co-located with the 10 th meeting of CEN/ISSS Workshop on "Business Interoperability Interfaces on public procurement in Europe" - WS/BII. This workshop takes place from January 26th-28th. See http://www.en.ds.dk/bii

Best regards

Mikkel Hippe Brun

Technical Director @ PEPPOL

The Ministry for Science Technology and Innovation
National IT and Telecom Agency
IT-infrastructure and implementation division
Cell: +45 2567 4252
E-mail: mhb@itst.dk

Holsteinsgade 63
DK-2100 København Ø
Phone: +45 3545 0000
Fax: +45 3545 0010
E-mail: itst@itst.dk

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