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People twitter about ebXML.

Hi everyone

There are few posts on twitter that contain ebXML. You can subscribe to
the atom feed at:

Atom feed: http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=ebXML

Latest post: http://twitter.com/jdiepenmaat/statuses/1957694057
with content: "Similarities between ebXML messaging and conversations in
Google Wave. Not surprised."
Author: http://twitter.com/jdiepenmaat



Homepage: http://sacha.schlegel.li 
Microblog: http://identi.ca/sacha
Neuste Veranstaltung: BarCamp Dornbirn 6.-7. Juni 09 http://is.gd/pFD9
Neustes Projekt: http://www.nosomi.com, http://www.breakpoint.li

Dies ist ein digital signierter Nachrichtenteil

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