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<PartyId type="?SWIFT BIC?">BBBBCCLL123<\PartyId>


The link at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ebxml-cppa/documents/PartyID_Types.shtml referenced in the ebcpp-2[1].1-april-5-2005-draft.doc document appears to be broken.

I've searched and searched, and sorry if these questions have already been asked ... does anybody know where the list of ebMS PartyId type URNs are maintained? Does anybody know the URN for a SWIFT BIC (ISO-9362)? I would guess "urn:swift" would be insufficient and it is not clear whether the URN is ISO or SWIFT. Also, ISO 6523 only gives the code "0021" and not the URN. RFC 3615 doesn't help either.



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