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Open source client implementation of ebms

David, (or perhaps Jacques / Pim?)


My company, Traxian, is looking at some updates to our product to improve reliability of the client-pull mechanism.  The client software polls our server to retrieve messages from a user’s mailbox (i.e. it’s entirely internal to us).  Most likely a small, proprietary enhancement will fit the bill, but this prompted me again to look at possible ebMS open source products / libraries for implementing this.  Since I noted ebMS 3.0 now extends to the client-pull message pattern, I wondered if code implementing that might now be available.  (Code that included an embedded data store for transactions using a lightweight embedded database on the client side might also be a plus, though it’s not a critical requirement right now).


I’m not finding anything quite like that – does it exist?


What I do see is the fairly recently released Holodeck project (May 2010) – but despite being ebMS 3.0 based, it seems not to include any client-side implementation (with tomcat and axis2 as prerequisites, even for the ‘light’ version).


The Hermes / freebxml project includes the ebMail GUI client, but it seems designed more as a real GUI with a plug-in model, rather than as a set of libraries to use as a new messaging core for an existing product.


BTW, for those interested, Traxian’s is an easy e-commerce integration solution for B2B and B2C transactions, initially focused on QuickBooks.  It includes a “social / viral” model for radically easy, low-friction setup.



Roger Bass

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