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New CAM v2.0 ships - drag and drop XML exchanges and models

The new CAM v2.0 is now available from Sourceforge in 32bit and 64bit editions
for Windows, Ubuntu, Oracle Enterprise LINUX and MacOS:


This latest release provides significant performance and user interface improvements along with new visual exchange structure editing and drag and drop from industry component dictionaries, including NIEM.

Develop your own domain dictionaries and then use them to rapidly develop new information exchanges. Supports use of ebXML CCTS/NDR approaches.

Also new is the modelling interface that allows exporting of template and dictionary models to XMI 2.1 UML modelling tools, ArgoUML and mind mapping tools such as FreeMind.

Sponsorship for this project work is provided by Oracle in support of the NIEM and LEXS information sharing initiatives for Federal, State, Local and Tribal applications.

Thanks, DW

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