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New XML test engine tools available for partner exchange verification andintegration

A new test suite toolkit and XML validation engine is available as open source
and sponsored by Oracle.

The ebXML approach identifies exchange profiles and templates that can enable
"plug and play" partner exchange configuration.

For such XML exchange interfaces having proven test suites and example
sets is vital to facilitate implementation with exchange partners.

Particularly saving time and effort in aligning requirements and details
across systems. This provides the ability to deliver high quality
exchanges that are robust, interoperable and meet the business needs
more precisely. Particularly key is the ability to integrate SQL table
lookups for live business data verification - such as system assigned ID
numbers - and more.

The new release of CAM editor v2.1 and the included CAMV 2.0 XML
validation engine provides the capabilities needed to implement this.

Here is the feature set that the CAMV engine now provides:
o Code lists and SQL table lookups with conditional rules
o Cross-field validation rules
o Dynamic XML structure components inclusion/exclusion
o Error and warning level reporting
o XPath V2.0 rules for extended business logic
o Extensible rule templates with schema-aware validations
o Clear business documentation for policy analyst verification
o Open source with open platform deployment
o Public open standards based from W3C and OASIS
o High performance thread safe execution engine
o Dynamic template driven deployment framework
o Spring API compatible for middleware integration
o Ant scripting for test suite implementations
o Flexible result rendering, routing and reporting

Put all together this now allows developers to create comprehensive test
suite packages, including business rules and SQL table lookups. This
enables partners to verify their XML exchanges in unprecedented details.
It also establishes test suites for regression testing purposes. 

Since all the templates and XML needed can be configured using open
source tools - this means that industry communities can now create these
resources to support their actual business exchange XML implementations
- and share them easily with their implementation partners. 

Also everything needed runs cross-platform on Windows, MacOs and Linux
and is open source based. 

Test suite configuration has been made very simple - you merely put all
the XML instances in one folder together - setup a test script for
pointing to that and your compiled validation template - and run it. 

The complete configuration details are explained in a handy quick guide
PDF that you will find linked to here -

And as usual the main downloads are accessible from

Last but not least - because the CAMV engine is now Spring API enabled -
therefore you can deploy the same rules and XML instance testing into your
production middleware should you need. 

There are sample test suites on the download site with and without SQL
database lookup validation of code values.

Enjoy, DW

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