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News items on adoption of ebMS3/AS4 in four communities published

News items have been published on the OASIS ebXML.xml.org portal on the adoption of ebMS3 and AS4 in four communities: 
-  Superannuation in Australia
-  OASIS energy interoperation
-  CEN standards for traceability and sales of seafood products,
-  Large scale e-government in Europe. 
The AS4 profile of ebMS3 is now a Candidate OASIS Standard and in public review for OASIS Standard vote later this year:
The Australian Superannuation industry handles citizen's retirement benefits, with ~1.3T$AU under management and contribution being mandatory. Following a review of the industry, the government has decided on a number of reforms, including the moving to electronic data and payment exchange (as opposed to the current cheque and paper). It is thus mandating data, messaging and payment standards which will be introduced in a three year staged rollout. When complete it will involve B2B interactions between employers (800,000) and Funds (~4000), as well as fund to fund interactions for rollovers. In addition, it involves B2G reporting from funds to government.
The OASIS Energy Interoperation (EI) Version 1.0 technical specification defines EI Services and Operations, XML, Service and Operation payloads and Service operation interaction patterns. For interoperability, any use of networking technologies should be profiled and standardized.  This version of Transport Protocol Binding for OASIS Energy Interoperation 1.0 contains transport protocol bindings for Energy Interoperation messages based on the AS4 profile of the ebMS 3.0 OASIS Standard, defined in chapter 2 of this document.
The CEN FishBizz (Integration of standards for Traceability and Sale of Seafood Products) Workshop has released draft CWA for public review: FishBizz Business Case — For monitoring of quality and sales of fish products. The draft specifies the data elements drawn from the work conducted under ISO TC 234, current regulatory and industry requirements, and the profiling and extensions to the UN/CEFACT reusable aggregate XML schema module to support traceability and e-business requirements. The interoperable solution outlined in the Draft CWA supports three critical traceability and e-business business processes and explains mechanisms to exchange these business documents using the AS4 profile of ebMS3.
One of the most important requirements for European Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) is cross-border communication. Though in detail the requirements differ, what they all have in common is the need for a secure and reliable “platform” to (electronically) exchange documents and data between citizens, businesses, governments and judicial authorities. As the basic building blocks for the “converged” solution of PEPPOL, E-CODEX and SPOCS were chosen the OASIS ebMS protocol for the transport layer, to be supplemented by e-Delivery evidences for non-repudiation (where needed) according to the ETSI REM standard, with dynamic routing / capability discovery based on the PEPPOL approach (which is developed and maintained in the OASIS BDXR technical committee).

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