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Role of message producer in Duplicate detection feature of AS4

Hi all,


I have a question that would have related to the G series test cases, in particular G.1.1.


My question is around duplicate detection under AS4.


In section 3.2 Reception Awareness features and Duplicate Detection, duplicate detection is defined as:


“Ability for the MSH receiving a User message to detect and/or eliminate duplicates based on eb:MessageInfo/eb:MessageId.

If duplicates are just detected (not eliminated) then at the very least it is REQUIRED that the Receiving MSH notifies its application (message Consumer) of the duplicates. For examples, these could be logged.

Related quantitative parameters (time window for the detection, or maximum message log size) are left to the implementation.”


If a duplicate is detected, should a message be returned to the message producer or no communication with the message producer take place? If a message is to be sent to the message provducer, what type of message should be sent (that is for example an ebms error or SOAP fault returned to the message producer) ?


Advice would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,


Jean-Paul Berthelot

Senior Analyst Programmer

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