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Subject: List membership

Laura (and the rest of the Exec team),

I just took a look at the list membership.  We have a small
problem here.  All registered ebXML participants are to be part
of the ebXML "General list" since it is the list we use for
announcements and review of draft specification.  The number of
members of this list is only 183.  Our project team list have an
average of 400, with the low being 328 and the high 476.  It was
my understanding that anyone how registered was part of that
list.  It seems that anyone can subscribe to the Project team
lists without having registered as an ebXML member.  If that is
the case, is there a way to only allow registration to a PT list
to those that have registered?  Or, can we check that anyone
that wants to subscribe is a member of the general list, and if
not add him/her to that list as well as to get the registration

I am looking forward to some suggestions from all of us how we
can resolve the problem of getting a true full membership list.

Thanks in advance,


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