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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] ebXML PR clippings


On the basis that all press is good press.

However I think the three news items speak volumes
about the issues and challenges we face.

Only one item came close to passing muster in what
I would consider a clear and strong message.

I know its very difficult when dealing with these trade
rags - but I see we need to prioritize our message
better, and get the punchlines driven home.

The piece I liked was from Brian Gibbs in the third 
release (see below).

Unfortunately it came at the bottom of the release - and
thus 90%+ of the time will never be read!  

I guess I've been doing this press release stuff too 
long.  Rules to me are

Title Heading - tell 'em what is important - get their attention.
Paragraph #1 - tell 'em it again - what is the point here?  Short and

Paragraph #2 - quote from someone that reinforces the message. 
 (Preferably someone with name recognition).

Paragraph #3 - discussion of the impact and import

Paragraph #4 - Tell them who the customers are that are using it.

Paragraph #5 - ## contact info' and mission of the parties involved, 

Carol is it appropriate for us to help manage ebXML PR going forward here?
I think that will also reinforce the message - as we can jointly find 
strong supporting information to back up the content of the releases....


Thanks, DW


Brian Gibb, vice chair of the OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC and
Director, Standards and Applied Technology for Sterling Commerce, summed up
what the passage of ebXML Messaging Service means for e-business concerns. 

"The ebMS 2.0 specification extends the current state of the art in secure
and reliable Internet data exchange for collaborative B2B electronic
commerce, most notably EDI over the Internet and business quality Web
services," Gibb said. "With attention to B2B security, reliability and
extensibility, it effectively bridges legacy EDI with emerging Web
services-based infrastructure, technologies, interaction patterns and XML
documents -- which is relevant and attractive for next generation B2B." 

It is the belief of some standards experts and analysts that ebXML will
someday replace Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) , one of the first
methods of e-business transfer. ebXML is far more flexible than EDI. Making
use of standards such as HTTP, TCP/IP, MIME, SMTP, FTP, UML, and XML, it
can be used on almost any computing platform. 

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