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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] RE: XML.org Daily News, Friday, 20 September 2002

Message text written by "dee schur"
SPONSORS: SAP, GE Global eXchange, IONA,
Vertex, Carels, Sabre and Centor



In addition to all the web service news items - can we also 
look for ebXML news items here?

Next week we have the AIAG demonstration on Wednesday
by GM of their ebXML infrastructure.

Can we plan a focus issue perhaps?

We certainly have a few days here to plan some simple
articles to talk to other projects too - about their ebXML
work - either side of this.

Some ideas :- OAG/STAR implementation, Texas Energy 
distribution, BizTalk and ebXML, ebXML Registry work,
the UCC certification, vendor product plans, and so on.

Also the new go-forward with ebXML standards with 
CEFACT and OASIS post-Geneva - (suggest Klaus 
provide something here).

I'm sure if we make an announcement that XML.org is
looking for daily short news articles on ebXML activity - then
we'll have plenty of people wanting to provide input.

Thanks, DW.

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