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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] Mktg SC 10/3/2002: Vendor Outreach Plan Exten sion

Yes, Todd has been directly/indirectly involved in the ebXML initiatives and provided valuable inputs for the last 3 years or more. Besides being an accountant, he  is a SME evangelist and can contribute a lot.


- Nita

 David RR Webber - XMLGlobal wrote:


Todd is one of "ours" - aka the XML/edi Group - yeah he's drinking
the CoolAid.

Todd has a background in Accounting - and past two years he's
been working on a dot.bomb project to implement the next
generation ledger system - beyond Oracles blockbuster
Netledger product.

Definately a free thinker, and challenges the accepted norm',
and / or looking to understand the norm - if it exists!?!

He's done a lot on designing XML transactions and of course
is a smart accounting guy.

He is definately an SME and of course does books for SMEs
to earn a crust.

Back to his scenario. I believe he has given us a scenario.
rather than THE scenario. I could draw two or three more
that come at this from different angles. Say an SME reporting
regulatory info' to the EPA for example. His is very accounting

His point though of course is accou New DSL Internet Access from SBC & Yahoo!

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