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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 10/9/2002: ebXML Adoption Template WORKING

As a prelude to tomorrow's meeting, here is the draft WORKING adoption
list.  I would ask that you provide me inputs via email, or through
tracked changes on the Excel spreadsheet (former option is easier to
integrate and not lose details).
Dave, there are several entries from your brief that I need references
for or more detail.  Nita, if you could add your inputs too that would
be great. Todd and Ajay, still awaiting your feedback.
This is just a start, so comments and suggestions welcome.  I ask this
not be distributed until we have it more formalized.  I would like to
get the information in shape and begin to query the contacts for more
details, quotes, etc. to make our case for ebXML in the marketplace.
Thank you.
Monica J. Martin
Program Manager
Drake Certivo, Inc.

Attachment: ebXMLAdoption_mm1_100902.xls
Description: ebXMLAdoption_mm1_100902.xls

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