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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] ebXML JMT Steering Committee Minutes: 17 Oct 2002

ebXML Joint Marketing Team (JMT) Steering Committee Minutes
17 Oct 2002

Jim Perry, Sterling Commerce
David Webber, XML Global
Mark Yader, GXS
Monica Martin, Drake Certivo
Carol Geyer, OASIS
Moshe Silverstein, iWay Software


Mark reported on the ebXML User Council. The group is still getting
acquainted. They are working to schedule a concall. The group is large
and broad-based, and may be a good resource for case studies and
implementation presentations.

David participated in the ebXML JCC call on Tuesday. He gave them an
update on JMT's accomplishments and plans to date. JCC requested:
* JMT meeting minutes be forwarded to the JCC regularly
* JMT co-chair (Jim/Nita/David) join the JCC bi-weekly concalls
* JMT support for an ebXML User Meeting in May in Europe to promote
ebXML adoption
* JMT focus on communicating how ebXML and WS fit together from both
executive e-business and technical architecture point-of-view

Monica distributed adoption matrix. Team discussed how to manage this
information internally and externally. Moshe suggested separating ebXML
Products and Implementations into two separate categories on the web
site. Monica's document may help in this.

Team agreed we have three flagship ebXML implementations to promote: GM;
STEEL24/7; and ERCOT Texas Electric Utility.

Monica also interfaced with European ebXML Pilot team this week.

Alexei Chirokikh of IBM resigned as chair of the JMT Conferences
Subcommittee this week. He forwarded the Speakers' Bureau information to
Carol. We're looking for a replacement to chair that SC.

David spoke with Eric Stetzler this week, a new OASIS consultant. Eric
will create an outline for a white paper on ebXML and WS and work to
arrange press briefings.

Action Items:
Moshe will talk with Fred Fulton from GM about working on a case study,
perhaps with a resource from an involved vendor.
Monica will ask AIAG to create a white paper on the STAR project.
Carol will have the OASIS webmaster create a password protected area on
the web site for JMT Steering Committee use.
David and Carol will work to recruit a chair for the Conferences
David to arrange conference call for 31 Oct.

Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1 978.667.5115 x209

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