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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] JCC liaison notes.


Just some quick points back from todays conf' call.

Upcoming things we need to focus on:

o Jon Bosaks ebXML bash - November - provide materials.

o Web services architecture alignment - early tech' work on 
    this is underway - study of two architectures - WS and ebXML
    and joining the W3C AG.

o List of members of JMT and affliations to be circulated to JCC.

o Calendar of Upcoming Events - conferences - speaking

o Archive of webcast presentations.

o Planning around ebXML User Conference location and 
   timing in May, early May - what do people think here?
   JCC would like our input on what makes sense?
   So far options are London or Geneva.   Last event
   was in Barcelona - but no press attended.  XML Europe
   is following week.

o Our Minutes to JCC on Friday so they can see what we
    have for them.

o IBM IPR on CPA - seems like license is similar to 
    open-source outcome- and allows open-source 
    development.  Looks like this is direction this is going in.
    An official pronounce on this is upcoming.  Looks like
    this is classic - most of the people, most of the time, 
    solution - reasonable effort - that can conform to the
    UN/CEFACT needs.

o  On the topic of the CEFACT Forum announce - they've
     agreed to look at some PR style stuff on that (Monica
     forwarded us this Word doc last week).

I'll send out the dial-in details for our Thursdays call shortly...

Thanks, DW.

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