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ebxml-mktg-sc message

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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] ebXML JMT PPT Draft Final

Thanks again Monica,

I'll send out a revised tomorrow evening.  In the meantime
other please feel free to help out with input too!

Message text written by Monica Martin
Slide 8 - Use smaller bullets - too many words - wasn't this what it was
Slide 30-34 - Need Speaker Hint - I like that sun figure!
Slide 42 - Add XML in Ontario (XiO) project; What about EDAT?
Slde 43 - Update as eBES has already begun.
Slide 49 - Change first bullet perhaps to read: ebXML V3.0 enhancements
- partner discovery / content management services
Slide 43 - Suggest you update to show the Repository and greater
function of Reg/Rep; What about recent release of CPPA spec?
Slide 56 - Suggest you say Web services and discovery - leave out UDDI

Good show.

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