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ebxml-mktg-sc message

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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] META ebXML report

Message text written by "Yader, Mark (GXS)"
Don't shoot me, but I think the analogy of ebXML and WS to the OSI and
Internet protocols is probably going to come true. ebXML's technical
architecture and roadmap for e-business is great, but the world may not be
ready for its "heavy" implementation in terms of complex standards (like
OSI standards.....X.400, X.500, etc).

>>> Growl!  No I won't shoot you - I'll just peg you out in the yard with
on your chest ; -)

This is bogus thinking - and only MS and IBM are wishing that its real.
Joke is that IBM were the biggest supporters of OSI....

On a related subject, I'd like your opinion. While I have been pushing
and WS on my company, they continue to ask me: So what do you think is the
next "killer app" in B2B that will require these new technologies. After
thinking about this, I came up with the following run-on sentence filled
with techie acronyms: Peer-To-Peer (Distributed) Business Process
and Document Orchestration based on the Semantic Web, XML Documents and Web

My question is: Does this sound like Star Wars or does it make any sense ?

Mark - you've been sitting in your cubical too long!  Please take a walk
in the fresh air and then read " Peer-To-Peer (Distributed) Business
Process Management
and Document Orchestration based on the Semantic Web, XML Documents and Web
Services" again!

I will then delete the fact that you ever did or said this.

Customers want real solutions to real business problems - I love the story


So OK - they are trying to sell their book and the BPMI folks pitch - but
essence is true - business solution - then technology - technology is 
just tag-soup - business determines the use and needs.

So what is ebXML?  Its the ability to securely and reliably exchange 
electronic transactions via the internet using open standards - with the
to automate the business process and payload integration so enterprises
of all sizes can affordably interoperate, collaborate and build new 

What's the business point?  Reduced cost of doing business with a wider
business community than you are currently doing today.

And that's the rub - how do you show people that?  With real ROI stories
from industry.  So that "killer app" is the same as its always been - 
proven ebusiness - but now for a lower cost point - by tackling the 
high cost points from the past (VANs, software integration, adoption,

The problem is that to get ALL of this means paradigm shift - because
it includes XML based development and deployment tools - with
templating particularly (like the OASIS CAM work) - but guess what?

The big players do NOT want you to make that leap - they still need
you to buy all the other old tools and pieces...


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