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Subject: fwd: [Xmlusers] Global XML Web Services - Joe Chuisano's Powerpoint Presentation


Please study.   We need to huddle and come up with
a win-win strategy here.

I believe we also need to involve the JCC and the
OASIS board.

My goal is to develop few things:

1) OASIS policy on how ebusiness messaging layer
   is being developed.

2) Ditto for Registry technology

3) Ditto for BPM systems

4) Develop whitepapers articulating this for people.
   Answering questions of when to use ebMS, WS msg,
   and more.  How to use them together, etc.  Joe's
   PPT does great job on 'opening up' the box here
   and showing how simple this could be to connect
I see clear answers to these questions - but its
essential that everyone be on-board with the master
plan so as the JMT we can clearly articulate the
right answers and maximize the buy-in for OASIS
technology - and minimize the confusion.

And allow the OASIS technical teams to collaborate
together on all this too.

I'd like to have this as the top agenda item for 
London - since we have the chance to sit down and
work this out then.

Thoughts, comments?

Thanks, DW.

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From:	Betty Harvey, INTERNET:harvey@eccnet.com
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Date:	4/17/2003 12:25 PM

RE:	[Xmlusers] Joe Chuisano's Powerpoint Presentation


Joe has made his Powerpoint presentation available from last night.
It is available at:



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