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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] WP - eBusiness Solutions Part 1 - Messaging

David, et al:

Sorry about not responding sooner.  The old bandwidth problem.

One basic issue that you need to address is the scoring method.  Your 
expertise on the subject not withstanding, other people representing other 
technologies would likely give different scores looking at the same set of 
criteria.  My recommendation would be to score the factor as Yes/No rather 
than a 0 to 9 scale.  In that way, your numbers are more solidly based and 
less open to interpretation.

The other suggestion is to separate EDI from the VAN.  EDI is the message 
syntax, VAN is the delivery mechanism.  AS2 delivers EDI as well, and so 
can ebMS.  Also, as I recall, VANS do not use secure FTP, but dedicated 
leased lines.

And forgive my fading memory, but if this paper is part 1, what are the 
other parts?

Alan Kotok
Editor, < E-Business*Standards*Today />
Data Interchange Standards Association
+1 703-518-4174

At 08:36 PM 4/21/03 -0400, David RR Webber - XML ebusiness wrote:
>Reminder to everyone.
>Please review this document and let me know what you think?
>Can we release this as a team product?
>Also - its time we had another meeting.   Of course we're
>going 0-3 right now on this.  But its basketball season - so
>I don;t mind throwing up another ball for 0-4 !
>Mark, can you schedule another call for us Wednesday 30th
>at midday EST?
>If anyone cannot make that - please shout - otherwise we'll
>assume its good.
>The Agenda will be:
>1) Sign-off on WP - Part 1
>2) Advancing our JMT
>3) Final preparation for London show
>4) AOB.
>Thanks, DW.

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