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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] WP - eBusiness Solutions Part 1 - Messaging

A more substantive comment and I am sorry for the additional post: We 
state really technical or more system requirements here. When I think of 
eBusiness solutions, I want to see what business problems were are 
starting or hoping to solve, such as:
Verification that my order or invoice was received
Capability to understand whom I am transacting with
Confidence that the message received is what my trading partner sent to 
me so I can continue the collaboration
Lower maintenance costs due to adequate error handling
More control over development and deployment costs with tested solutions

I think we should have a short list of business requirements and even if 
we map them to the technically related ones you cite, we have shown why 
and quantified how the evaluation meets the business need.

Monica J. Martin wrote:

> If we want to add value to this report, I suggest we have one or two 
> ebMS experts review and comment on the ratings and criteria.
> Suggest Matt MacKenzie and perhaps Doug Bunting unless you guys have 
> other suggestions.
> Monica
> David RR Webber - XML ebusiness wrote:
>> Team,
>> Attached is my first swag at this.
>> I'd like to publish this in next week if we can agree this
>> looks good enough, and then of course build out some
>> more in the series.
>> Thanks, DW.

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