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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg] Present on ebXML at XML 2003

Title: RE: [ebxml-mktg] Present on ebXML at XML 2003

Carol and JMT SC:

I'm interested in taking another shot at a presentation for this conference (last year my topic was "The Battle to Transport XML Business Documents", with help from both David and Monica).

Anyone interested in a joint presentation this year ? I have lots of background with B2B technologies and and also alot of Case Studies in some of the vertical initiatives: Auto (GM and Covisint), Retail (AS2 and UCcnet), Hi-Tech (RNIF 2.0, RN outsourcing), etc.

What I need is someone to round this out with some "ebXML" technologies and Case Studies (which, of course, is the topic we are most interested in promoting !!).

Let me know !!

Best regards.....Mark

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From: Carol Geyer [mailto:carol.geyer@oasis-open.org]
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 5:22 PM
To: ebxml-mktg@lists.ebxml.org; ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Cc: Lauren Wood
Subject: [ebxml-mktg] Present on ebXML at XML 2003

XML 2003 Call for Presentations, Tutorials, Exhibits, and Sponsors
December 7-12, 2003
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


Submission deadline for tutorials and presentations (except product and
late-breaking presentations): June 2nd, 2003

"Now We're Cooking" is the XML Conference theme for this year. XML is
now used in many different ways and in many different applications.
Leading (best) practices are starting to emerge, and recipes for success
are starting to be reliable and reproducible. The Conference this year
is dedicated to telling people what they need to know to get their
systems working.

IDEAlliance is looking for top-quality tutorials and talks that help
attendees understand what the leading practices are, how to use them,
what to watch out for, and how to solve problems that show up. They also
want to know which new technologies are coming down the pipeline. The
attendees at XML 2003 want to hear first hand from the experts which
products will solve their problems and which methodologies will meet
their needs.

Talks on ebXML are welcome, particularly those that describe the best
ways to use ebXML, and what pitfalls to avoid. ebXML falls into the
"B2B" area in terms of conference organization. IDEAlliance will
schedule ebXML talks as far as possible together on one (or two, if we
have enough good talks) days to make it easier for attendees.

Conference Topic Areas

Speaking sessions:  Suggested topic areas are Case Studies, Core
Technologies, Integration, B2B, Vertical Industries, Government,
Graphics and Multimedia, Knowledge Management, Publishing, Storing XML,
Web Services, Wireless. Other ideas are welcome. For descriptions of
these areas, please see

Talks can be introductory or advanced, geared to implementers or
executives. IDEAlliance is not looking for extremely technical developer
content or introductory talks about what XML is (although introductory
tutorials are welcomed). All Conference submissions with a June 2nd
deadline will be blind reviewed by a panel of 80 experts. They grade the
abstract for interest and look for evidence that the speaker knows the
subject and can explain it.

Product presentations: The Vendor Presentation track has been renamed
Product Presentation, since open source and products produced by
non-vendors are also welcome. Products that are new, standards-based and
interoperable with other products will be given preference.

Town Hall Meetings:  Held throughout the conference, these interactive
forums are designed to allow all attendees to join open-mike town-hall
forums. This is a great way to ask questions, listen to suggestions,
soak up praise, endure abuse, hold straw polls, or go into more detail
on particular issues not possible during other presentations.

All interested parties are invited to submit proposals. Presentations
will be chosen to fit 45-minute time blocks (usually 40 minutes for
presentation and 5 minutes for questions). A version of the paper must
also be written in XML for publication in the Proceedings (with the
exception of product demonstrations). Further instructions will follow
upon acceptance of a presentation. Electronic conference proceedings
will be produced and made available on the Website and CD-ROM.

All selected speakers will receive a free registration for the
conference (December 9-12), provided their paper, tagged in XML, is
received by the October 15, 2002 deadline.  In addition, all submitters
of complete abstracts not chosen for the conference will automatically
receive a discount of $100 off the conference registration amount.
Registration instructions will be forwarded.

Submissions must be made online by June 2, 2003 at

Call for Tutorials

IDEAlliance is seeking highly qualified instructors to lead tutorials,
which will be selected based on merits of the topic and instructor.
Tutorials will be one-half or full-day workshops.  Please be sure to
indicate any special requirements and the length of your tutorial on the
submission form. A complete handout for the tutorial will be required.

Selected instructors will receive a free Gold Pass registration
(December 7-12), provided their tutorial handout is received by the
November 10, 2003 deadline.  In addition, all submitters of complete
abstracts not chosen for the conference will automatically receive a
discount of $100 off the conference registration amount.  Registration
instructions will be forwarded.

Submissions must be made online by June 2, 2003 at

Please note: Marketing/promotional presentations will not be considered
for tutorials or presentations, although "how to use" tutorials that
concentrate on a particular product are allowed, if clearly described in
the abstract. Material must reflect information as described in the
acceptance abstract and must be original work of professional quality.
Selected authors will be notified and guideline materials will follow.

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