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Subject: JMT meeting minutes - 29th May, 2003


Chair: David Webber

Members:  Mark Yader, Alan Kotok, Carol Geyer, Monica Martin

Observer: Jamie Clark, OASIS.


Carol Geyer reported on new press release due out from both
OASIS and UN/CEFACT - on the success of the London ebXML
show.  This is the first time joint press release is being issued.

David, Carol, Jamie reported on outcomes from this weeks JCC

1) Our Messaging White Paper submitted to JCC for comment by
    Friday - subject to no adverse we will be posting paper to
    our ebXML.org website and publicizing via XML.news.
    David and Alan to coordinate with Dee Schur over wording
    et al.

2) Request to have webmaster resources to enable make-over
    of ebXML.org website - JCC asked for strawman on what the
    new site would contain and its focus et al.  David to produce
    draft for JMT - then once JMT agrees on approach - submit
    back to JCC for approval / action.

3) JCC presented new structure for JMT and Jamie presented
     new organizational description charter.   This will formalize
     the JMT structure into two chairs (one each from OASIS/CEFACT)
     and six committee members (3 each), with voting rights 
     and formal responsibilities to the JCC.  Indivudual members
     can then participate in the JMT as now.  The aim is to 
     add more weight to the JMT - while retaining the flexiblity,
     and also have the JMT function more like a TC.  This will
     also give the JMT more flexibility to deliver, while retaining
     for the JCC the ability to set ground rules. 

     The full document will be distro'd to the JMT for comment in
     two weeks - after the JCC has endorsed the current draft.

4) Creation of ebXML Roadshow.  David reported on the London
     JMT session that looked at this - idea is to have a replicatable
     and repeatable 2.5 day event - that can go anywhere to promote
     ebXML.  David will distro' the strawman next week to JMT for
    more input.

Monica reported that all three case studies are now revised
    as per copywrite needs and ready to go out.  Plan is to have
    these available toward end of next week for posting to website
    and PR announcements.   David also noted we have the HP 
    report on the EU eGov work with ebXML to add once its ready.
    Monica has two more case studies in the works too.

5) Alan Kotok reported that the ebXML Forum is now 'live' and
    asked for contributions / articles.

6) Mark Yader reported that he has submitted item to XML2003,
    and general discussion ensued on papers and topics.  Everyone
    encouraged to submit as much as possible by Monday COB -
    the deadline for abstracts.

Meeting closed 3:10pm.

Next meeting - two weeks time - same day / time.

Mark Yader to facilitate - our thanks again to GXS for providing
this support to the JMT work.

Minutes:  David Webber.

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