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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 6/15/2003: Case Study Summaries

Monica J. Martin wrote:

Monica - where are we on getting this all out to the world now?

I think we need a few paragraphs for Dee on each case study;
can you draft something please?

mm1: I've turned over to Dee and Carol.  On a few short paragraphs.  Will have to wait until the end of this week.

Here's a start.  I need to get an update from Jane Liang on Phase 2 XML in Ontario. These largely are from the abstracts.

SAGE: Standards-Based Shareable Active Guideline Environment

The SAGE project seeks to create a standards-based technology infrastructure for computable (machine executable) clinical guidelines that can be shared and readily deployed within different clinical information system platforms.  To help realize that vision, Apelon is developing clinical guideline registry software based on an ebXML Registry.  Apelon is using its expertise in medical terminologies and associated server technology to facilitate indexing and retrieval of registered guidelines.

DISA DRIve: Data Interchange Standards Registry Initiative

The DISA Registry Initiative or DRIve is a program to deploy the technology outlined in the ebXML specifications (v 2.0) for a standard online index of items needed by companies to do business in particular industries. DRIve provides such an index for the work of DISA-affiliated organizations.

SRDC: Software Research and Development Center at Middle East Technical University - Exploiting Web Service Semantics through ebXML Registries
and Software Agents

In the future of Web Services, software agents will start using the Web services rather than the users to browse, discover and compose the services. Providing the semantic of Web services gives the software agents the capability to discover and compose Web services.

This effort related service ontology classes explicitly with the services advertised in the registry, enabling a software agent to dynamically query the registry to select service instances that satisfies user requests. A key issue here is to facilitate the service discovery by integrating the service semantics with the discovery mechanism of the registry.

The ebXML classification hierarchy mechanisms of the Registry were used to relate service ontologies with services advertised. They implemented an agent system where the agent had querying and reasoning behavior. The project and source code can be found at: http://www.srdc.metu.edu.tr/ebXMLProject/.

XML in Ontario: Government of Ontario

In its second phase, XML in Ontario (XiO) buids on earlier successes to further evolve the architecture design and prototype of the key technologies of ebXML, at the same time continue to monitor the changes in this dynamic industry including standards, tools and user trends.  The team is concentrating on ebXML Registry and Repository.

During this project phase the team, reviewed tool sets, worked with ministry teams (ESDi) to set up a process to use common schemas and tool sets, and worked with other government entities to further the use of the standards and technology.



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