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Subject: Next release of "Adoptions" report


I sense we are probably due for a new release.  With the news
from the Utilities industry, and now this in Asia - and last weeks
Thai news, and the eCOM in Japan - and AutoTech this month - 
I think this will make interesting changes to the bar graph

My guess is if we start work on the updates now - send out
call for new materials - then we should be able to publish 
in September.

Thanks, DW
Message text written by "Dee Schur"
ebXML to lead to smoother data exchanges
Suchalee Pongprasert, The Nation

To create the foundation for the complete development of one-stop
government services and collaborative e-commerce, the Electronics Commerce
Resource Centre (ECRC) has mapped the use of ebXML and ebXML Messaging
Service (ebMS) to different industries as a standard for data and service


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