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Subject: fwd: [egov] ebMS submission of government documents


This is huge!

I'd obviously like to see a piece in XML.org

Can I assume you'll follow-up with Thomas here?
He pretty much spells it all out - but we need
nice write-up and just sanity check with him
that we got it all OK...

Thanks, DW.

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From:	Thomas Lee, INTERNET:ytlee@cecid.hku.hk
To:	e-Gov, INTERNET:egov@lists.oasis-open.org
Date:	8/27/2003 11:17 PM

RE:	[egov] ebMS submission of government documents

Dear TC,

We have launched a pilot project to use ebMS for shipping companies to 
submit dangerous goods manifests. OOCL has successfully connected to the 
Marine Department (MD) of HKSARG through ebMS since July. Also, APL is 
implementing its system to connect to HKSARG. We are working with MD to 
extend the ebMS submission to cover other port formality documents, e.g. 
Pre-Arrival Notification. MD and shipping companies are using our 
open-source ebMS gateway called Hermes, which is available at 
www.freebxml.org. Besides, HKSARG is tendering a huge infrastructure 
project called DTTN (Digital Trade and Transportation Network) using 
ebMS as its reliable messaging infrastructure. The study report is 
available at 

The use of ebMS is quite straightforward. We have been launching a few 
similar G2B and B2B projects in HK. The key challenge for this kind of 
implementation is to design good/consistent XML Schemas for the 
necessary documents while we don't have existing standards to cover 
them. That's the reason we have produced the XML Schema Design and 
Management Guide. Besides, our government is thinking of launching a 
centralized government gateway for electronic document submission 
through ebMS rather than implementing ebMS department by department.

We are drafting a PR about the dangerous goods declaration case as below.

You may email me for more information.


Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID), Department of 
Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS), The University of Hong 
Kong (HKU) is pleased to announce that Phase I of the XML Dangerous 
Goods Manifest Submission project is completed. Marine Department of the 
Hong Kong SAR Government has rolled out to production its Dangerous 
Goods Manifest Submission system using the open-source ebXML Message 
Service Handler implementation, Hermes. Orient Overseas Container Line 
(OOCL) is the first shipping company equipped to use this new submission 
channel. System development work for another shipping company, APL, is 
underway and is expected to be ready later this year.

Started as a pilot project in June 2002 by CECID, the ebMS electronic 
submission system deploys ebXML technology to send and receive dangerous 
goods (DG) manifests in XML format. The computer system in OOCL can now 
generate DG manifests and send them to Marine Departmentís computer 
system over a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Information re-typing and 
data entry errors are eliminated. The new submission system also 
improves the efficiency in information flow with the capability of 
sharing of captured data.

Phase 2 of the project to enhance new features has begun. Enhanced 
features will allow Marine Departmentís computer to send DG manifest 
receipt acknowledgements to the shipping companyís computer (i.e. 
two-way transaction). Shipping companies will also be able to submit 
manifest cancellation and amendment notices to Marine Department using 
ebMS, in addition to the current telephone and fax modes.

In production use, this submission system deploys Hermes in its document 
transport layer. Hermes is a Message Service Handler (MSH) 
implementation that is in compliance with the OASIS ebXML Message 
Service (ebMS) V2 Standard. The submission system exploits some of 
Hermesí features such as message packaging, reliable messaging, error 
handling, RDBMS persistent storage, SOAP, and HTTP features, to achieve 
reliability and security in the business document exchange process.

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Subject: [egov] ebMS submission of government documents

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